How to choose the right furniture for your workplace.

We are all familiar with the drill of searching for a new office space. And an exhausting drill it is – countless hours researching, touring, calculating, re-calculating, negotiating, re-negotiating. The list goes on. And on. However, once you find the perfect space to grow your business, you’re then faced with another mountain to climb – selecting just the right type of office furniture that best suits your company, culture and brand.

Deciding what office furniture to use for your space is just as important as finding the right workspace. Your office furniture design and layout has the power to increase the productivity and well-being of existing staff, while serving as a powerful tool to entice prospective clients and employees. Here are 4 things to keep top of mind when selecting your office furniture.


Top 3 things to consider when selecting furniture vendors and manufactures:

1. Lead times:

Its very important to consider the different lead times associated with different furniture brands. Leads times will vary from manufactures and even with different products and fabrics/finish selections.   Some manufactures may be able to produce 100+ workstations in 5 weeks while other may need at least 8-10 weeks.


2. Warranty:

Finding out the warranty associated with each piece of furniture is key to determining best value when comparing different furniture.  Alot of furniture may have similar aesthetics and price points  but when you compare the warranty, that will show the best value product.


3. Vendor past performances:

Its very important to ensure that the dealers and vendors you purchase through has a list of happy clients.  Many vendors are eager to sell the furniture but don’t stand behind the product and provide customer support and quick punch list resolution.


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