Modular Meeting Pods Explained


Today’s meetings can’t wait until until a reserved conference room opens up. They take place on the fly and on the spot – and your workspaces should be set up to accommodate these meetings that are always in play mode and rarely want to be paused.

At Regalmark, we work with forward-thinking businesses genuinely interested in creating workspaces that reflect the times today, and what’s coming next in workplace design. We know meetings can’t be done away with altogether, however, modular, or moveable meetings spaces provide an ideal solution that embraces new ways of working.

With agility as the hallmark of a today’s workplaces, these modular meeting spaces are designed to support various employee work modes, along with the inherent freedom of movement and flexibility employees desire. When you need to meet, there will be a space readily available. No more wasting valuable work day time searching for an enclosed meeting space. Whatever the need may be: the impromptu meeting, the planned meeting, audiovisual presentation or team collaboration – these  meeting spaces cover all the bases.

Check them out:

Modular meeting enclosures offer a streamlined, flexible office solution, allowing businesses to ebb and flow with evolving workspace demands – one meeting at a time.

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