The Next-Generation Workplace

Do you work in a high-performance environment? Over half of employees in a recent survey of medium sized corporate offices say no! Employees need choice. Choice of when, how, and where work gets done.


Giving people choice of how to work is the core principle in an agile space. A truly agile environment is one that is broken down into “Work Zones” where the area fits the activity. This concept of activities based working promotes movement in the office, and instills a culture of collaboration. It does all this, while leveraging the real estate, and maximizing efficiency of the space.


Workplace strategy is often talked about, but seldom understood. From the very beginning of a project, careful consideration of the demographics in the firm must be analyzed. While the term workplace strategy is often thrown around by many people, very few truly utilize, or provide it. With it however, the design of a space can dramatically be affected and change the dynamic of the entire workforce.

What is workplace strategy?

  • Onsite audits surveying the patterns and usage in the current office
  • Staff and executive interviews
  • Online employee questionnaires
  • Employee breakdown: Male/Female, Generation, and Introvert/Extrovert

A space laid out with demographics in mind

Many people are surprised to know that not only do we take into account the demographic breakdown of the clients’ employees, but we plan the entire space around it. Take Google for instance, with a breakdown of 85% extroverts, and mostly millennials. Their space is going to need wide corridors, open collaborative spaces, and ample area to relax and recharge. This differs from a DC law firm with only 54% extroverts, and 60% Gen Y employees. They will need more private focus space, formal conference areas and storage areas. One design does not fit all for corporate build-outs.



This is a very condensed explanation of agile working, and taking demographics into account while designing a space. We hope you have learned something from it, and we would love to hear your feedback and explain more! Please contact us to see our concepts in action in our Washington DC design studio.

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